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Partner Programs

Fuse Partner Program

Build and implement custom data apps for your clients using
Q-Sensei Fuse. Satisfy virtually any search and analytics demand with only one tool. Gain unique, advanced capabilities to leverage data.

Intended for: Consultants, integrators, agencies, search experts, data specialists, and others who deliver enterprise-level solutions.

Spark Reseller Program

Q-Sensei Spark plug-ins are incredibly easy to deploy. Install our Sparks for Atlassian’s JIRA and Confluence to turbocharge their search capabilities. Sparks for Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, and Stash are coming soon.

Designed for: Atlassian Experts, managed services providers, and enterprise technology consultants.

Partner Benefits

Awesome Tech for Your Portfolio

Deliver agile data solutions to fulfill your customers’ needs. Our products are built for fast deployment, easy maintenance, and powerful search and analysis.

Access to Our Core Developers

If you ever have a question, the people who built the technology will answer it. We’re committed to your success and available with expert assistance.

Free Licenses, No Fees

It’s easy to do business with us. Jump right in with no revenue requirements or upfront fees. Give our tech a spin with free licenses and exclusive offers.

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Sign up for the program and become an extension of our team. You’ll work closely with our sales, marketing, and engineering staff.