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Q-Sensei Technology Features: Content-based Autocomplete

Written by Sean Fitzell

July 24, 2014

Standard Autocomplete

Autocomplete is an almost standard feature of search applications. It helps people boost the efficiency and accuracy of their search. Over the years, varying degrees of improvement to autocomplete suggestions have been made. But the fundamental usefulness of autocomplete hasn’t substantially improved.

We’re working to change that.

People want more than just item lists. They want context and insight for search results. A quickly accessible search bar should be a gateway to discovering all of your content. By leveraging our multidimensional index, we’re able to provide traditional full-text suggestions and much more robust faceted suggestions. Put simply, every keystroke gives you a full analysis of your data.

The full-text and faceted suggestions built into our applications make all your data transparent, powerful, and simple to use. That’s because they’re based on both your metadata (structured data) and the content extracted from all of your attachments and files (unstructured data), regardless of their format.

No generic word lists here, only suggestions from the entirety of information in your system.

Autocomplete the Q-Sensei Way

Just begin typing the word or phrase of interest into the Q-Sensei search bar. In real-time, the index analyzes your term across each facet of metadata simultaneously and performs a full-text analysis across your aggregated data to build suggestions. It shows you possible word matches and the associated facet (the context) of the result to help you quickly find the correct item.

A frequency count is displayed next to each suggestion in the autocomplete prompt. It signifies the number of results that would be returned if that suggestion were selected. Bolded text of the typed entry distinguishes what you’ve typed from what is suggested. Additionally, the drop-down results are navigable by keyboard or mouse and populate the search dialogue box if hovered-over or selected.


Working in tandem with the dynamic facets, the full-text autocomplete significantly improves efficiency in finding the information you need. It also increases your confidence in the accuracy of the results.

Moreover, it helps you understand your data right from the search bar. In a business environment where accuracy and findability are paramount, these increments of improved efficiency combine for a net positive gain for the enterprise.

Instead of avoiding the intranet search to browse only in the places they’re comfortable, employees will gravitate to the Q-Sensei search. They may even discover more than they realized about the information they sought.