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Q-Sensei: Here’s what’s in the Name

Written by André Wiebel

September 08, 2014

When two companies merged in 2007, it was an easy business decision. Our team members immediately connected with shared visions on the value of data and the future of search and analysis. But finding the right name for the new company was a challenge. It had to nicely represent our vision while showing our product inspirations. When discussing potential options with friends, Professor John Schermerhorn suggested a name that instantly meshed and that we finally selected: Q-Sensei. Here’s his explanation.

“When serving as a visiting professor in Japan some years ago, I was impressed with how an elder or teacher was addressed with the word “sensei” [先生] as an indicator of respect. A true sensei helps others find pathways to answer questions and locate knowledge. The teaching is a mutually respectful, personal, and reciprocal act, where the sensei guides others to attain their goals.

In the case of Q-Sensei, a highly innovative search company, the name can be interpreted as
“Q” – standing for the query or question, and “Sensei” – being the teacher or guide. Q-Sensei indexing technology allows users to query data in flexible and personalized ways, and guides them toward information and insights otherwise difficult to obtain.

Think of Q-Sensei this way. When searching your data, do you want to search on someone else’s terms and take what an impersonal algorithm delivers? Or, do you want to search with a smart but respectful platform that follows your lead, gives you options, and strengthens the connections between your data and your goals?

The purpose of Q-Sensei is to empower people through guided and simple access to information on their terms. Users of Q-Sensei products search in ways that meet their needs and engage with results that are organized in context and individually meaningful. Such a provider of guided, smart search and analytics deserves to be called Q-Sensei.”

Prof. John Schermerhorn
September, 2014