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Q-Sensei Launches New Dashboard in Verizon’s Innovation Centers to Power Up Structured Data

Written by Ute Rother

March 05, 2015

Business is so much fun when you have the right partners. For us, Verizon is such a case. We are grateful for the wonderful opportunity they provided us to launch our brand new dashboard in their Innovation Centers in San Francisco, CA, and Waltham, MA.

What is the innovation in our dashboard? While most other dashboards use pre-set visualizations to show data, we apply our powerful Fuse platform to make the visualizations highly interactive and exploratory. With this capability, we help people more quickly gain powerful insight and granular understanding of their data.

For demo purposes, we indexed the Twitter data of the Fortune 1000 companies. This makes millions of tweets ready for highly interactive search and analysis, so that everybody can now see the Why behind Twitter sentiment peaks. Tabs are designated for Market Trends, popular Tweeters, and two of our favorite companies – Apple and Atlassian. These highlight for investors or marketing / PR experts how they can quickly see trending topics, follow influential Tweeters, or understand what the community thinks about certain companies or products.

The demo also shows those with technical background how modern search and analysis can help their companies better leverage their structured data. And we assure you: there is a lot of structured data in your house, too, and Fuse provides a powerful solution for this.

Here is how it looks in Verizon’s Innovation Centers


If you are one of Verizon’s business customers, use this great opportunity to get in touch with your contact or check out what’s happening at Verizon’s Innovation Centers at: http://innovation.verizon.com

Or go to labs.qsensei.com/vic and try it on your own.

And of course, we are always just an email away to discuss how Fuse can help you find and explore all your data faster.