Management Interface

You can control your Fuse instance by going to http://localhost:8000/setup in the browser. You should see the following page.



If you are using Docker on Mac or Windows, you need to substitute localhost with the IP of your VirtualBox which runs the Docker daemon.

The Fuse Manager provides a simple graphical interface to aid you to carry out several administrative tasks. Most of these could also be done directly via the ReST API, but this interface makes the process much easier and helps you to get started quickly.

The Fuse Manager interface is divided in several sections, each for a particular task.

Manage Fuse

Fuse Status

Here you can start and stop Fuse. Note that you need to setup Fuse first before you can start it - see next section.

See POST /admin/instance for how to do that using the API

Update Setup Package

Just drop a ZIP file containing contentschema.json and indexschema.json to the drop-area and click “Upload” to setup Fuse with the given schema.

See Schema for more information about content-schema and index-schema and PUT /admin/instance for how to setup Fuse via the API.

Retrieve Setup Package

Click the button to download the ZIP file containing the contentschema.json and indexschema.json - this is the same Zip which was used to setup Fuse before.

GET /admin/instance/pkg/zip describes the corresponding API-call.

Current Schema

Click the button to see the contentschema.json and indexschema.json that are currently in use by Fuse.

See Schema for more information about content-schema and index-schema and GET /admin/instance/schemas for how to fetch the current schema using the API.

Fuse API Endpoint

This displays the URL to the Fuse API.

Even though the API is made for machine interaction, you may also explore a good part of it with the browser, since the representation of most API resources contains links to other resources.

Fuse Data

Upload Contents

This section allows you to add data to be indexed by Fuse. Read Adding Data to learn about the JSON format used to feed data into Fuse. When you created such a JSON file with data, just drag and drop it onto the drag-area of this section and hit the “Upload” button and Fuse will import and index your data.

See POST /tasks/types/update for the respective API-call.

Re-Index Fuse Contents

As the section title already reveals, you may click the button to instruct Fuse to re-index all imported data.

POST /tasks/types/index shows how to do the same using the API.

Clear Fuse Data

This will delete all imported and indexed data from Fuse.


There is a confirmation dialog after you click Clear Fuse but once you have confirmed your choice all data will be gone. This cannot be undone.

Note that the setup package containing contentschema.json and indexschema.json do remain. Only the imported data is affected.

DELETE /admin/instance/data shows how to do the same using the API.

Configure Search Frontend

Click here for more information.