An attribute of a Fuse document. For example, for the following document:

    "fuse:type": "document",
    "fuse:id": "document:000",
    "filename": "contract000.pdf"

fuse:id, fuse:type, and filename are attributes.

Attribute Value
Attribute Values

The value of a attribute of a Fuse document. For example, for the following document:

    "fuse:type": "document",
    "fuse:id": "document:000",
    "filename": "contract000.pdf"

The attribute value of fuse:type is document.


A single query clause. In general, they take the format:

(facet):"(facet value)"

As an example, if socks were being queried for, a clause representing all the white socks would be:


Greater than, less than, and other validations can be done with the following syntax:

(facet):(op):"(facet value)"

Where (op) is one of

equals (default)
less than
greater than
less than or equal
greater than or equal

In addition, prepending exclamation point (!) to a query results in a NOT query.

Content Schema
A JSON structure which defines the term:Document types and their Attributes that can be indexed by a fuse instance.
Each document is assigned an internal numerical ID used to refer to the document within the indexes.
An object indexed in Fuse. In general, this is a JSON object with key value pairs.

A facet is a single classification in an index. As an example, if socks were classified using Fuse, a possible facet would be color.

Internally, facets are individually treated as indexes and queries use a combination of these indexes.

Facet Value
A single value that is possible from a facet. As an example, if socks were classified using Fuse, a value of a color facet would be red.
Fulltext Index
A non-faceted index.
The multi-faceted index engine developed by Q-Sensei.
Fuse Installation
An installation of the Fuse software on a machine.
Fuse Instance
A fuse installation with a particular configuration, especially a Content Schema and an Index Schema.
A data structure mapping terms to documents. A facet is a special form of index. fulltext index is another index type.
Index Schema
A JSON structure which defines the available indexes and their configuration for a fuse instance.
A word used to describe an index that uses several facets to run a query.
A software component - usually running as one or more separate processes - which fulfills a particular role within the Fuse instance.

A single phrase that is searched for. For example, in the following query:

&(tags:"health" city:"new york")

health and new york are the terms of the query.

A software component used during indexing. It takes the values from a documents attributes (or the output of the preceding transformer) and applies some checks and or changes to it and then passes it on to the next transformer or to the index builder. These are chained in the order that they are defined in the index schema.