Setting up, operating and maintaining your own data application is easy with Fuse.
Three simple steps will have you building data apps in minutes.

Step 1: Install Prerequisites

To make sure that you can easily start working with Fuse you need to install some prerequisites (Docker Toolbox).
This guide shows you what is needed.

Step 2: Download Fuse Free

Open a terminal, use your access token to log into our Docker registry and pull the Docker images for Fuse Free.

Request your access token

* By downloading Fuse Free you agree to our Terms and Conditions.

Login to our Docker registry

docker login -u token -p my-token -e none

Pull the Fuse Free images

docker pull

Step 3: Build Your First Data App

Once you have installed the prerequisites and pulled your Fuse Free images it is time to create your first data app.
If you need some inspiration just try one of our tutorials.

Metadata Search

In this tutorial, we'll walk you through the creation of a data app with data from about athletes from various sports.

Learn how to create a data model for Fuse and how to translate it into the schemas necessary to setup Fuse for your data. It also shows you how to define and configure indexes and facets for your search and how to make use of our REST API to connect to data sources and import data. Finally, you can immediately start searching and analyzing data through our standard search interface.

Document Search

In this tutorial we'll show you how to use Fuse to search documents from your file system - a common pain we all face every day.

See how easily and hassle-free data apps that are built with Fuse can be deployed using our Docker containers. We have created a complete read to run package for you, consisting of Fuse, Data Services and our standard search interface. With the introduction of Fuse Data Services, we also show you how to easily extend Fuse.

Step 4: Explore Your Data

It's That Easy. So What's Next?

Head on over to our documentation. Take a look and get coding! Our documentation covers all you need to know about Fuse.

Need some further support with your projects or want to develop some advanced data apps? Just get in touch.