Hugely valuable data is created every day and has for a long time been made available through a growing number of use case-specific, inflexible, and difficult to use and maintain software solutions. Hence, much of our data remains tucked in the corners of a product or app, hidden from the very audience that would find it most useful.

For companies, institutions or interested users to realize the full value of their data, we need to make it discoverable, analyzable and visualizable. While a number of pretty awesome, modern efforts are underway to develop the tools needed Q-Sensei Fuse is a powerful, effective, and affordable platform that exists to make Your life easier.

Fuse makes it possible to:

  • Create a custom aggregation of data most important to you;
  • Explore data using an intuitive faceted search interface that provides context-based search suggestions for full text and facets — as you type.
  • Save and track data using advanced, user-controlled data visualizations that help you analyze search results.

Fast. Powerful. Intuitive.

  • The technology at the core of Fuse is Q-Sensei’s patented index. Unique in its ability to process structured data quickly and efficiently, the Index is optimized for in-memory storage, achieving amazing speed and performance while using only commodity hardware
  • Fuse indexes data into easily configurable facets that are processed during each search in real-time; Fuse provides a configurable full-text index that supports Boolean operators (AND, OR, NOT) and lemma search
  • The familiar faceted interface allows you to search within facets, combine facets on-the-fly, and sort search results by one or many facets. Of course, you can also search in searches.

Simple. Transparent. Scalable.

  • Fuse comes with an integrated search interface out of the box and a graphical administration interface that allows you to choose target sources, customize the search interface, and manage data cleaning and configuration;
  • Unlike other commercial search platforms, Fuse makes data transparent so users understand how search results are generated and can actually change how results are ranked;
  • The Fuse Platform is incredibly lightweight and efficient, flexible and modular. Modules such as the core index, the search system or the interface can adapt, evolve or expand.

What We Do

Hence, we started fresh, re-architected data organization and data indexing. We started at the very core to build for interactive search and analysis for experts and lay people. We made it easily usable through our RESTful JSON API, and we added a modern UI build with React to benefit from super powers, speed, flexibility and low TCO (yes, some of us are economists :)).

Power out of the box UI for querying decentralized databases

  • Search, filter, sort all data and subsets of data
  • Compare subsets of data or all data with certain subsets of data
  • Easily interact with data in various ways
  • Quickly run complex algorithms on decentralized data at high speed

Performance Benefits in Previous Projects

Hier braucht man ggf. noch ein bisschen einleitenden Text. Hier braucht man ggf. noch ein bisschen einleitenden Text. Hier braucht man ggf. noch ein bisschen einleitenden Text.

Telco Company

Use Case:
Expert search app for 200,000+ employees
Build Time:
1 week instead of 6+ months

Media Company

Use Case:
Document search for highly interactive search and analysis of contracts
Build Time:
2 weeks instead of 6+ months

Cable Company

Use Case:
Ad-Re-Allocator that sales reps can use to optimize sales outcome
Build Time:
3 months instead of 10+ months

Fuse is Fast. See how Fast

Eventuell hier auch nochmal ein bisschen Einleitung mit Infomationen zum Sample System.

Fuse Document Search

Sample System: Single CPU, 8 Core Intel, 64GB RAM

Sample Size: 100M documents

Import Time: 3 Hours (including Keyword Extraction, OCR...)

Sample Query 1: xxx sec
Sample Query 2: xxx sec
Sample Query 3: xxx sec
Sample Query 4: xxx sec
Sample Query 5: xxx sec

Fuse Logfile Search

Sample System: Single CPU, 8 Core, Intel, 64GB RAM

Sample Size: 2BN rows, 100 columns

Import Time: 10 hours

Sample Query 1: xxx sec
Sample Query 2: xxx sec
Sample Query 3: xxx sec
Sample Query 4: xxx sec
Sample Query 5: xxx sec