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Blazingly fast, designed for interaction with metadata. Get context-based search suggestions for full text and facets - as you type.

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Grab our docker image and start exploring Fuse. An intuitive search interface allows you to explore and analyze your data right away.

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With our RESTful JSON API you are in full control of all backend operations. Build awesome web interfaces with our JavaScript SDK FuseLink.

  • "I implemented Fuse Free for testing and evaluation purposes. It's simple to use, you get advanced search capabilities, and you can easily adapt it to pull in all types of data. It has enormous potential to help libraries transform the user experience."

    Lisa Norberg
    Co-founder of the Open Access Network
  • "Healthcare is dependent on clean metadata to make care inferences critical to personalized and population health. Fuse’s easy to use and advanced search and index capabilities present a new way to visualize and act on data to enable care providers to transform the care experience for patients in near real-time. The future of healthcare is better interpretation of data and it begins with getting a clear picture with a system like Fuse."

    Gopal Chopra
    Founder, Chairman pingmd

Why You Will Love Fuse

Build applications that help you search, analyze and monetize your data
faster, simpler and at a fraction of your cost and resources.

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Fuse gives you the flexibility to create and deploy data apps fast and easy.

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You can manage the development process and your data apps with ease.

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Fuse allows you to tackle all your organization’s data needs with one tool.

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