We see the future of search and analysis
in users interacting directly with data on their terms.

At Q-Sensei, we are driven to make data responsive, transparent and flexible for the user. To do this, we re-architected the way we organize and index data. We put a special focus on metadata and use its tremendous value to better understand data at large as well as flexibly navigate through data. As data and use cases keep changing we have designed our platform, Fuse, as a tool that maintains the flexibility in data and makes it easy for developers to build, use and maintain powerful data apps. By making the intelligence contained in metadata usable, we make true interaction with data possible.

Q-Sensei was founded in 2007 by a group of international data enthusiasts, scientists, and software engineers. We are headquartered in San Francisco, CA, and have an office in Erfurt, Germany. Verizon Ventures and bm|t invested in
Q-Sensei along with a group of industry veterans. Q-Sensei owns two U.S. Patents for our Search and Presentation Engine (7,080,059 and 7,680,777).

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