With Fuse you get a complete solution for your data needs.

Fuse Core

Fuse provides a powerful set of features to build data applications.

True In-Memory Index

Fuse's Index is optimized for in-memory storage, achieving significant speed and performance increases.

Advanced Faceted Search

Fuse indexes data into configurable facets. Facets are processed during search in realtime to allow for deep analysis of data. Search within facets, combine facets on-the-fly, sort search results by one or many facets.

Full-Text Index

Fuse provides a configurable full-text index. Full-text searches support features like boolean operators (AND, OR, NOT) and lemma search.

Modular Architecture

The Fuse Platform is flexible, modular and service-driven. Modules such as the core index, the search system or the interface can adapt, evolve or expand. This flexibility allows you to react fast to changing data needs.

Clustered Deployment *

Replicate Fuse across servers for higher data fault tolerance and lower response times.

Docker Distribution

Fuse is a dockerized application. This means deployment is fast and runs almost anywhere. Whether on your notebook, in the cloud, or in your data-center - just pull our image and you are ready to go.

Update and Delete

Each data record is associated with a unique ID that allows for data to be updated and/or deleted at any time.

Source Agnostic

Fuse relies on a simple JSON format for ingesting data, supporting all common data types including strings, numbers, dates, and many more.



* These features are only available in Fuse professional.


Powerful Data Services *

Fuse provides a set of services that you can use for data ingest and preprocessing.
Use our Services API to manage services from Fuse to best serve your data needs.

Document Extraction

Just point Fuse to a URL or a local folder and our Document Extraction service will extract, index and monitor text content and metadata from there.


Dealing with image scans of documents? Our Optical Character Recognition service will download and extract text from images to make them searchable.

Entity Extraction

Fuse allows pattern matching of entities for extraction when structured or metadata doesn’t exist. The service populates facets with extracted data either during ingest or against an already populated index.

* These features are only available in Fuse professional.



Fuse comes with an integrated search interface out of the box. Need something custom?
Our SDKs will put you off to a great start.

Search Interface

Fuse provides an integrated, customizable search interface built on AngularJS with support for great development tools like SASS to jumpstart your search app.

JavaScript SDK

FuseLink is our open source JavaScript library that does all the heavy lifting for you. Install it with npm and start creating your app.




Fuse Manager

Get a graphical administration interface for basic configuration and management operations.
This provides easy access to Fuse Control API functionality as well as configuration options for the search interface.


Usage Statistics *

Understand the impact your data app has on your organization. With our usage statistics you can import statistical data from your Fuse cluster. Collect up to 50 fields of data and use over 20 facets to search and analyze historical, runtime error and server monitoring data. Get the times an item was viewed, the most popular search terms or the amount of CPU power Fuse has used in your cluster.

* These features are only available in Fuse professional.

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