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Q-Sensei is changing the way companies work with data. Our platform makes it simple and fast for everyone.

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Build your own search application. Q-Sensei Fuse gives developers full access to award-winning indexing technology. Gain actionable insight into your data with smart indexing of documents, email, log files, transactions—everything.


Enterprise search, one app at a time. Q-Sensei Spark plug-ins integrate powerful enterprise search into your existing business applications. Try our Sparks for Confluence and JIRA to collaborate across Atlassian products.

Fuse in Action

Document Search should be Awesome
Put Fuse to work for your contracts and digital assets

Our Fuse platform empowers you to find your most important documents fast with a simple and powerful search built for the modern era.

Fuse for Contract Search

Fuse in Action

Truly Interactive Dashboards
Fuse powered analytics puts you in control

With the Fuse platform powering your analytics, you have the flexibility and freedom to explore data on your terms. Getting answers just became easier.

Fuse for Dashboards

Featured Blog Entry

Presenting Fuse 1.1: Document Search… Simplified

Written by Jason Simon

April 24, 2015

We know things can always be better, faster, simpler. As software and product developers, we’re always on the hunt for improvement – and over the past few months, we’ve been improving and simplifying document search. If you have a need for higher precision, more efficient, and unified document search that combines structured and unstructured data… […]

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